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Holly Hester-Reilly

I’m Holly - the founder of Product Science Group, a product management coaching and consulting firm that teaches the science of high-growth product development. I'm a former Columbia University research scientist and have spent the last 15+ years leading product initiatives at startups, high-growth companies, and enterprises like FalconX, MediaMath, Shutterstock, Unilever, and Novartis. With these experiences, I have developed the Product Science Method, a framework to discover the strongest product opportunities and lay the foundations for high-growth products. And now, it's fully available as NEXT AI prompts for you to use!

What to expect

Boost your product team's discovery efforts with Holly's AI prompts, which promptify the Product Science Method – a framework to discover the strongest product opportunities and lay the foundations for high-growth products, teams, and businesses. 

Here's a brief on the Product Science Method and some prompts you'll find in NEXT:

  1. Empathize: Engage with your customers and end users and dive deeper into the way the most challenging user or stakeholders thinks and feels about your product or offering.

  2. Find the Pains: What pains and challenges do users in your target segment have in achieving successful outcomes? Which of these are painful enough that the target user will invest time and/or money to solve it?

  3. Understand the Gains: What does a successful solution to the user problem look like? What outcome would a user invest time or money to achieve

  4. Explore the Market: What are the macro trends in society that impact the target users? What is changing around them? What pressures does it create? What opportunities does this provide?

  5. Develop the Product Idea: Brainstorm product capabilities of features and define constraints it must meet.

  6. Measure the Growth of User Value: Now that you’ve agreed on a user problem statement, key user outcome, and core behavior, let’s identify the most important metric to drive product success.

  7. Explore the Risks: What does your user group think is the single biggest risk to the success of this product or project?

  8. Do Research Continuously!

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  • AI-enabled Product Science

  • Empathize and Understand Users

  • Ideate Product Solutions

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