Day in Product

Lucie & Petr

Hi, we are Lucie and Petr from Day In Product.

We're eager to support you on your product journey, whether it's through our tailored product coaching, transformative training programs for your team, or by fostering collaborative product communities within your company.

With over 10 years of hands-on experience in product departments of companies big and small, we are ready to help you make a real impact in your product world.

What to expect

Lucie and Petr, founders of Day In Product, have crafted Product Discovery prompts that empower product teams with a hands-on rituals and best-practices for product discovery. They combined their experience experience with transforming products and product teams into a set of AI prompts in NEXT, so that any product team can get started with their methods in no-time.


  • Strategic Alignment: Build a strong strategy that aligns closely with your business vision and organizational goals, enhancing your product's market position.

  • Leadership and Innovation: Cultivate a product-led growth culture with leadership coaching that places your product at the forefront of innovation, inspiring your customers.

  • Tailored Product Management: Master the product lifecycle with expert guidance, improve feature prioritization, and enhance roadmap execution customized to your industry needs.

  • Focused Leadership Development: Boost your leadership skills and enhance team communication with focused, one-on-one coaching sessions.





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