Product Decisions with Confidence

Niko Noll

I'm Niko, a product discovery coach on mission to help a thousand teams adopt weekly product discovery habits.

I've come to believe that if teams would just talk with two real user every week, they'd build better products, shorten time to product market-fit, and spend less on development. I was with Xing for 5+ years managing B2B and B2C products.

What to expect

Harness Niko's prompts for streamlined Product Discovery, focusing on regular user interaction to inform product development.

Key Benefits:

Strategic Alignment: Define and connect business goals to actionable objectives, ensuring efforts are focused on impactful outcomes like churn reduction.

Focus on critical needs and opportunities: Identify critical user issues and opportunities, then brainstorm and refine solutions that directly address these areas for improvement.

Evidence-Based Decisions: Validate assumptions through experiments and user feedback, aligning insights with business goals to guide product evolution effectively.

Niko's approach offers a great pathway to integrating user insights into every stage of product development, ensuring that products meet and exceed user expectations.


  • AI-enabled Product Rituals

  • AI Prompts for UX Deliverables

  • Integration prompts for Jira & Slack

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