Product insights from CS interactions

Marco de Mooij

I'm Marco - a experience design leader previously at IKEA, Booking, and Vodafone. I help start-ups and scale-ups clearly envision and realize their next-level growth ambitions.

My angle of expertise is to take an extreme customer point of view by helping teams generate a deep common understanding of the customer - and plug that understanding into the way they concept, design, and deliver their products.

What to expect

Use Marco's AI prompts to feed customer service (CS) insights directly into product development, analyze customer interactions efficiently, and identify churn drivers. These AI prompts streamline the process of turning customer feedback into actionable product insights.


Efficient Analysis: Quickly dissect customer service exchanges to pinpoint improvements, ensuring your service aligns with user expectations.

Insight Integration: Seamlessly transfer insights from customer interactions into product enhancements, directly tackling user needs.

Churn Identification: Uncover and address the root causes of customer churn, aiding in the development of effective retention strategies.

Marco's AI prompts provide a focused approach to harnessing customer service insights for better product outcomes.


  • AI-enabled Product Rituals

  • AI Prompts for UX Deliverables

  • Integration prompts for Jira & Slack

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