Product Growth Research

Jens Rusitschka

I'm Jens - a product management and design coach on a mission to help product teams develop products that not only work, but also inspire.

I bring 20+ years of product experience to help teams innovate and elevate their products. I bring particular focus in Health Tech, HR Tech, and Insure Tech - particularly on SaaS offering with B2B, and B2C models.

What to expect

Jens' prompts help you streamline your product strategy and user activation. His expertise focuses on refining UX/UI, Product Discovery, and user engagement strategies, particularly for digital solutions in various sectors.


Strategic Framework: Define Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP), user groups, and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for clear product direction.

User Insights: Gain valuable insights from evaluating user interviews, prototype tests, and user testing to align your product with user needs.

Improve Customer Interactions: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your user testing and interview tactics.

Jens' approach ensures your product discovery and strategy are directly aligned with achieving your business goals.


  • AI-enabled Product Rituals

  • AI Prompts for UX Deliverables

  • Integration prompts for Jira & Slack

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