Validate before you estimate

Dragana Grbic

I’m Dragana - a product discovery coach.

I help product teams avoid costly mistakes by testing their ideas first, the right way.

With experience in product development, Agile coaching and UX design, I work with clients to deeply understand the customers’ needs, validate product opportunities and improve the product development process.

What to expect

Boost your product team's discovery efforts with Dragana's AI prompts. It's an essential toolkit for analyzing user feedback, planning strategic moves, and aligning your team.

Here's a brief on its benefits:

  1. Uncover Insights: Leverage prompts to extract feedback, identify user pain points and desires, and understand the Jobs to be Done. This foundational step ensures your product aligns with user needs.

  2. Strategize and Innovate: Transition to strategic planning with insights on refining onboarding, enhancing interviews, and activating users. Make decisions that advance your product.

  3. Communicate and Execute: Convert insights and strategies into clear actions. The collection helps prepare stakeholder briefings and document findings, ensuring team alignment and collective progress.

Sign up for NEXT using Dragana's prompt collection for best practices in research analysis, embedding discovery rituals, and product deliverables creation.


  • AI-enabled Product Rituals

  • AI Prompts for UX Deliverables

  • Integration prompts for Jira & Slack

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