Product Discovery

Product Discovery

Aug 31, 2023

Supercharge Grooming Session with Customer Video Clips



Ronny Röller

"Seeing is Believing: How User Video Testimonials Elevate and Enrich Your Grooming Sessions"

In the digital realm, understanding the 'why' behind every feature or bug-fix is paramount. As product owners, we don't merely list tasks. We illuminate them with purpose and drive. And what better way to make this connection than through video clips from real users?

A rising trend in progressive product management is the embedding of short video clips from user interviews into the motivation section of our stories, regardless of the platform - Jira, Github, or others. But to make the most out of this resource, product owners should not only include these clips but also actively watch them alongside the team during Scrum grooming sessions. The benefits?

They're manifold:

  • Time Efficiency & Authentic User Voice: A short video clip can convey what might take minutes to articulate. Let the users speak for themselves, offering the team a direct, unfiltered perspective, thereby saving time and ensuring authenticity.

  • Empathy Amplification: Developers often function in the realm of code, detached from end-users. By viewing these clips, there's an immediate emotional connection formed, enabling them to better understand the pain points or aspirations of the user.

  • Collaborative Problem Solving: When developers grasp the user's perspective, they can leverage their technical prowess to brainstorm efficient solutions. They might even come up with innovative fixes that are both cost-effective and finely attuned to the user's needs.

  • Consistent Messaging: With stories passing through multiple hands, the core message risks being lost or distorted. Video clips preserve the original user sentiment, ensuring everyone remains on the same page.

  • Enhanced Stakeholder Buy-In: It's one thing to read about a user's needs. It's another to see and hear them express it. Stakeholders, when exposed to these clips, can more deeply grasp the significance of a feature or fix, smoothing the path for decisive action.

Incorporating user voices directly into grooming sessions doesn't just make for a better-informed team. It tightens the bond between developers and end-users, creating products that are deeply in sync with those they serve.

Photo: Ben