Feb 22, 2024

Introducing the NEXT Creator Marketplace



Rick van der Werf

Every day, product teams use NEXT's AI-powered platform to discover product insights in their customer conversations.

Observing product teams in the wild, we've discovered genius in their work.

Like with any AI platform, teams interact with NEXT using prompts. Prompts are basically instructions teams use to tell an AI model what to do, it's like code but it can do really powerful things.

It might take a few tries to write the string of prompts that can produce what you want from your data. And it’s common for these prompts to balloon out into dozens upon dozens of words as users try and get an AI to do what they want.

The best prompts reflect a set of product discovery rituals. Using prompts help teams hardwire the respective discovery rituals into their ways of working — continuous discovery.

People have been sharing their prompts on social media and in communities, but we wanted to find a way to bring all of these incredible examples together in a dedicated place that’s useful and actionable for everyone who uses NEXT.

👉 That’s why we introducing today the Creator Marketplace 👈

Dedicated to the practice of product discovery, our Creator Marketplace provides a platform to share tried-and-tested generative AI prompts with the world of product people. Now, anyone can discover, use, and customize AI prompts from the NEXT community, with a few simple clicks.

To kick off the marketplace, we’ve partnered with rockstar product discovery coaches, ambassadors, and influencers to bring their prompts to users into a single, searchable gallery – and this is just the start! We’re already looking at ways to improve discoverability, collaboration, and connections.

Ever wanted to know how the best teams run product discovery?

Dragana, Niko, Marco, Jens, Petr, and Lucie share their best product discovery rituals elaborated through out the years at companies like Ikea, Xing, NetSuite, Booking, Vodafone, and Avast.

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