Support Policy


This Collaborne B.V. dba NEXT (“NEXT”) Support Policy is issued under and forms part of the NEXT Terms of Service, Master Cloud Agreement or other NEXT agreement which references this policy. Any capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in such NEXT agreement.

NEXT offers support services for the Service (“Support”) in accordance with the following terms:

1. Enterprise Support

A. Contact Support. Customer may report errors or abnormal behavior of the Service (“Incidents”) by contacting NEXT through the support ticketing at NEXT is committed to ensuring that each of our customers receive the necessary Support in the event of an Incident, but under our standard Enterprise Support NEXT is not obligated to resolve such Incidents and reserves the right to determine the resolution of Incidents in its sole discretion. The fixed response times listed in the table below apply to enhanced Support offered under Premium Support.

B. Self-Service Knowledge Base. NEXT may offer the NEXT Support and Help Center or other publicly accessible blogs, forums or interactive features (“Self-Service Knowledge Base”). Any information submitted to this Self-Service Knowledge Base will be publicly available, so Customer is advised not to submit any confidential or sensitive information. The Self-Service Knowledge Base is not part of Support as provided by NEXT.


2. Premium Support

In addition to the Support offered and procedures described in Section 1 (Enterprise Support) herein, the following additional terms will apply if Customer purchases Premium Support:

A. Incident Submission and Customer Cooperation. Customer may report Incidents, and assign an initial priority level to such Incident, by contacting NEXT through the support ticketing email at

Customer will provide all necessary information and cooperation to NEXT as reasonably required for NEXT to provide Support, including, but not limited to, the following information regarding the Incident:

  • Aspects of the Service that are unavailable or not functioning correctly
  • Incident’s impact on Users
  • Start time of Incident
  • List of steps to reproduce Incident
  • Relevant log files or data
  • Description of any error message received
  • Incident ID# (when specified by NEXT)

B. Support Hours. NEXT will provide Support during NEXT's normal business hours (Monday 5:00 am – Saturday 5:00 pm UTC), excluding NEXT holidays (“Business Hours”).

C. Incident Response. Upon NEXT's receipt of Customer’s report of an Incident, NEXT's Support personnel will assign a final priority level (“Priority Level”) to each Incident in their sole discretion and will notify Customer of any change from the initial priority level reported by Customer. NEXT will provide responses to each Incident in accordance with the time frames listed in the table below.




















Core Functionality” means a core feature of the Service, including the following:

  • Registration and authorization
  • Project category opening and projects existing on it
  • Creation, deletion and opening Projects
  • Creation, editing, transformation, deletion, duplication of boards, notes, properties, texts, highlights, tags, links, media, files, comments, and reactions
  • Synchronous state of Projects when more than one User works on it
  • Invites and sharing
  • Access rights changing
  • Workspace creation
  • Guest access

D. Exclusions. NEXT will have no obligation to provide Support to the extent an Incident arises from: (a) use of the Service by Customer in a manner not authorized in the Agreement or the applicable Documentation; (b) general Internet problems, force majeure events or other factors outside of NEXT's reasonable control; (c) Customer’s equipment, software, network connections or other infrastructure; or (d) third-party systems, acts or omissions.