Bring customers into every product decision

The continuous product discovery platform for teams that lets you validate big-picture and day-to-day product decisions with user insights.

Honestly, too much product is built on assumptions


Traditional research


Continuous product discovery

42% of your week is not work. It's rework, resulting from building on assumptions.

That's the cost of building products on assumptions. Ouch!

Research the way your team builds product

Make continuous product discovery effortless

Upload & transcribe video and audio recordings of customer interviews or usability tests in a matter of minutes. You can also upload your own notes.

Clip customer moments like a pro

Highlights let you break down your customer interactions into concise, digestible, share-ready reels.

Let the customer tell their story

Stitch together highlight reels into beautiful video stories that let you validate every product decision.

Integrate essential tools in your workflow

Brainstorm in Miro? Prototype in Figma? Backlog in Jira? NEXT brings your customer insights to where you need them.

Better product decisions start with NEXT

Secure & private
like you'd expect

SOC 2 Type II security certified,

GDPR & CCPA complaint

Local data residency in 27 countries

Loved by teams building for their users, with their users

Before NEXT, too often we made product decisions on gut feeling—not customer insights.

Adrian von Mühlenen
Product Owner

Our goal at the bank is to be customer-first. That means creating products our customers need and wants. And to find out what customers really need and want, we use NEXT.

Vanessa Fraiberger
Head of Digital, CIB

Video and audio transcription are awesome features that speed up working through huge amounts of [product] discovery data. I use it and it works like a charm 😀 

Toni Braeuer
UX & Design, Global

Leave assumptions to your competition