At a time when new technologies have made it easier to keep each other at a distance, we're using them to bring our customers closer to their users. Product teams use our software to actively engage with their customers, gather evidence of their unmet needs and aspirations, and create & iterate offerings their users will love <CR>

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think bold


We don’t live in “shoulds.” Instead, we do what is right and true. We believe our customers can remove friction in the world – one product, service, or experience at a time. We are not afraid to leave things behind, or to change course. Or to fail. And especially not to say “no” – and we say “no” often.That way, when we say “yes,” we know we have what it takes to make it great.

stay curious


To be curious is to be actively empathetic And we want our customers to have this ability when it comes to their customers. To do so, they will need to be curious – and to hardwire the sense of wonder and discovery as a cornerstone of their growth efforts into their organizations.

feel vibrant


The words “hot,” “electric,” and “psychedelic” describe our choice of brand colors. They reflect the burning passion – the life, energy, and confidence – we put into building the tools and services our customers need to grow.

act open


The font type for our logo is Gilbert, created in the honor of Gilbert Baker, the creator of the iconic rainbow flag. It underlines our belief that together, we’re better. We are open to discovery, to new ideas. We are open to building a workplace that reflects society. We are open to open integrations with tools our users love. We're open to data portability. And we're open to cultivating diversity amongst our suppliers. And in the tools and services we provide, our ambition is to help our customers open up further to their users' needs and aspirations.

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